Haws Metal Watering cans are the number one manufacturer of the worlds finest quality Water Cans. Made in England, Since 1886.

Urban Grow are proud to offer the Haws Watering Cans due to our own personal story of metal watering cans. Our trusty and sturdy metal watering can have been passed down from our grandparents to our parents and now to us. Our aim is to pass this down to our children in the future.  

The metal watering cans provide a lifetime of use (if looked after we must say) they are a beautiful design and also a great product for the environment. How often can you say you’ve passed a gardening product through family generations?

Each of the Haws hand crafted products are Made in England and are unique, as no two cans are identical, yet everyone of them is made to the finest quality by expert craftsmen and women.

The metal watering cans are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Perhaps you Grow Your Own herb garden or have a range of indoor plants. The Haws 165-2 Classic watering can is ideal for this as you can place the watering can on your windowsill and it won’t take up too much space and it will look very impressive in any colour that you wish to choose.

The Haws Classic Watering Can and Mist Sprayer are the perfect set for your home either to mist spray your indoor plants leaves or to water them. Caring for indoor house plants is crucial for them to flourish this is also relevant for your Grow Your own produce.  The complete 565 Haws Classic Watering Set  is a great package for yourself or as a gift.

If in doubt contact us and we will try and help choose your perfect metal watering can.

Kind Regards

The Urban Grow Team