Garden Secateurs

Garden Secateurs by Burgon & Ball

Which are the best secateurs?

The best secateurs for gardening and pruning, in our humble option, are burgon & ball secateurs. When looking for the best secateurs to use, you want to look for ones that are; comfortable to hold, have a resilient spring, cut efficiently with little resistance, make large cuts easily, have a safety catch, offer long warranties and are available with replacement parts.

What is the difference in the type of secateurs?

The most common types of secateurs are anvil and bypass secateursWe offer a range of professional burgon & ball bypass secateurs, as well as professional anvil secateurs. The best secateurs for cutting finger-thick branches and solid wood are anvil secateurs, whilst the best secateurs for a sharp, clean cut, close to the stem or root are bypass secateurs.

Garden Secateurs