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Fabric Plant Pot | Urban Grow | Plant Pot
Fabric Plant Pot | Urban Grow | Plant Pot
Fabric Plant Pot | Urban Grow | Plant Pot

154 Litre Fabric Plant Pot by Urban Grow

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The 90L Fabric Plant Pot is perfect for potting on vegetables which need a lot more space such as squashes or if you want to plant a number of vegetables in one larger pot such as two squash plants or planting a small trees such as an olive tree. Utilise the two handles for moving around the garden, allotment or balcony. 

Diameter 600mm | Height 450mm 

Fabric Plant Pots by Urban Grow. Make your garden, balcony or yard beautiful with a display with our range of Fabric breathable plant pots. Perfect for use in gardens, patios, decking and balconies. Thinking of growing your own? Planting up vegetables or plants or why not try olive trees or a lavender to make your garden smell amazing we have sizes to suit every garden.

  • Two side handles keeps the bag balanced when moving.
  • High Tear Resistance with double sewing 
  • 100% BPA free - non-woven felt - Prevents roots circling.
  • Available in 5 different sizes. 
  • Black in colour.