The Fazeley Flow Copper - Two Pint | Watering Can
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The Fazeley Flow Copper - Two Pint

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The Fazeley Flow Copper - Hand Polished Haws Watering Can in metal used for indoors which is a versatile indoor can for watering small plants, pots and seedlings.

Haws watering can handcrafted from powder coated steelin their 100 year old classicshape & delivered in a Haws gift box.

These watering cans areextremely practical for the home, conservatory or greenhouse. . . and what's more they look beautiful.

Urban Grow carefully selected the Haws due to their rich history of supplying premium watering cans and mist sprayers. A perfect product to water your indoor plants.

Untreated metal products, such as this one, will develop a patina with age. If your product starts to develop mottled surface spots, and you don't like them, a quick polish will restore its original shine.

  • Delivered in a Haws display box - making it the perfect gift
  • 1. 3kg
  • 33. 5 x 11. 5 x 16cm
  • 2 pint capacity.

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