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Tomato Greenhouse | Tomato Plants | Grow Your Own
Tomato Greenhouse | Tomato Plants | Grow Your Own

VegTrug Tomato Greenhouse | Tomato Growing

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The VegTrug Tomato Greenhouse is manufactured from 100% FSC certified cedar wood, it is durable and comes complete with adjustable slats, making it the perfect solution for growing vine Tomato plants.

As the Tomato vines grow, you are able to move the slats to support the plants where needed. The roof slats of the Tomato House are fixed, this enables a perfect place to tie support materials to help assist the plants.

Featuring a grow bed drawer on the bottom shelf, this allows easy planting and maintenance, as the drawer can slide in and out when required.

Includes a Greenhouse Cover in reinforced PE of the best quality with an opening section, allowing easy access for planting, harvesting and moving produce when needed.

L: 111cm
W: 49cm
H: 167cm