Fresh Lettuce for the Summer BBQ?

Fresh Lettuce for the Summer BBQ?

The key we have found to growing lettuce is by Sowing little and often, there is nothing better than having freshly grown lettuce ready for the summer BBQ or even to accompany your homemade Pizza fresh from the Ooni Pizza Oven

Growing Lettuce is fairly straight forward we have always grown in containers such as the Elho Grow Table and ensuring we water regularly. 

When to Sow? You can sow outdoors from March, we typically wait until late April / May until we start sowing, usually due to the warmer weather. You can sow all the way through to late August without having to use any cloches.

Sow the seeds thinly approx 15mm deep in rows, if you have room for a number of rows sow approx 300mm apart. As always read the pack of the seed packet which will give you the best guidance of how to sow that particular type of lettuce. 

Tip: Ensure you water in the morning, don't sow into hot soil as this could affect germination wait until it's a little cooler in the evening. 

You can sow direct into the ground however we always find that slugs and snails tend to enjoy a nibble which is why we now only sow in containers raised off the ground. 

ENJOY the fresh produce from garden to plate. 

Urban Grow Team.




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