Niwaki Sharpening Stone


Becoming more sustainable is at the heart of Urban Grow's ethos, it's the reason why we love repairable products and those that incorporate recycled materials. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our choice of repairable and recycled materials for every product we offer. But everyone can become more sustainable by looking after your garden tools.

Keeping cutting edges sharp and oiled will increase their lifespan, saving you money and reducing the impact on landfill sites. Extend the life of your garden tools by properly maintaining them, saving you money and reducing waste.

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit


Blades are very easy to keep sharp with a standard sharpening stone, making cutting easier which puts significantly less stress on your hands and wrists. Keeping your tools free from sap will again keep cutting blades in peak performance; sap can easily be removed with a Crean Mate. Lastly, mechanisms and blades need to be kept well lubricated using Camellia Oil; we also offer a Camellia Oil Applicator which makes this task much less messy.

Leather and waxed canvas care is easily achieveable with our range of Otter Wax and Alaskan maker supplies, ensuring leather remains supple and waxed canvas remains completely waterproof! Taking care of your tools will mean they last longer and maintain optimum performance.

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