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June Gardening Tasks | Asparagus | Weeding

Weeding | Gardening Tasks
June Gardening tasks become a little bit hectic depending on the size of your garden, yard or allotment. So we have tried to narrow down the key ga...

April Gardening Tasks | Beetroot Planting | Courgette Planting

April Gardening Tips | Beetroot Planting | Courgette Planting | Grow Your Own
April is finally here, where the allotment or back garden really starts to show signs of growth the perfect time to start growing your own and plan...

Is now the time to Grow Your Own Food? | Urban Grow UK

Grow Your Own | Self Sufficient | Urban Grow UK
Without a doubt in recent weeks Coronavirus has left us all dashing in some cases to the supermarket or queuing at your local greengrocer for fruit...

March Gardening Tasks | Onion Planting | Tomato Planting

Grow Your Own | Tomato Plant | Gardening
March Gardening Tasks, it's the time of year when a few items have already gone into the ground such as Garlic or you have started sowing seeds ind...

February Gardening Tasks | Chitting | Planting Garlic

Chitting | Gardening | Grow Your Own | Planting
February Gardening Tasks, it's the time of year when we start to plan for the garden for the coming year even if the weather is awful (which it usu...

Vertical Garden in your Urban Garden

Vertical Garden | Small Garden | Herb Garden
Vertical Gardens can be achieved in any space, small or large you don't require vast amounts of area to create a beautiful green urban garden space...

Urban Gardening the new craze!

Urban Garden | Urban Grow | Grow Your Own
Urban Gardening, Alloment Gardening, Balcony Gardening or just Gardening is the place to be for environmentally-conscious millennials. The craze is...

Urban Jungle inside and outside.

Balcony Greenhouse | Juliana Greenhouse
The indoor house plant trend or Urban jungle as some will call it continues to make homes and balconies look incredible just take a look on Instagr...

Small Greenhouses for the Urban Garden

Juliana Greenhouses | Small Greenhouse | Urban Gardening
Space is becoming more and more limited especially in Urban areas. Urban Gardening is slowly but surely becoming more popular due to the fresh prod...

All about the Soil

Compost | Grow Your Own | Soil
You might be lucky enough to have a car and go to your local garden centre / nursery or on the other hand you have a bicycle and can't carry bags o...

The Basic Art of Growing Your Own:

The Basic Art of Growing Your Own:
Whether you have a small garden, balcony garden, courtyard garden, allotment garden or rooftop garden there is always space to grow your own produc...

Grow Your Own with Urban Grows Herb Growing Guide with VegTrug Planters

Grow Your Own - VegTrug Planter

Grow Your Own Herbs. Urban Grow are here to give a little taster of what you can grow for your Kitchen Garden. You don't have to be an expert gardening and growing is all an experiment. 

Grow Your Own: Kitchen Garden