Natural Stone Planters - why choose them for your garden?

Natural Stone Planters - why choose them for your garden?

Natural Stone has been used to manufacture plant pots for centuries.

You can of course look at plastic and wood planters, even terracotta or cork but nothing stands the test of time like Natural Stone. 


Top 10 reasons to choose a natural stone planter

1. Natural stone and slate pots have been around for centuries, tried and tested and shown to last a lifetime.

2. The qualities of natural materials like stone and slate, mean each natural stone planter is individual and unique. 

3. Heavy and sturdy, they stand well against the elements and won't rust or rot. 

4. Each piece of stone and slate is hand-picked meaning each finished planter has been through a thorough quality control process. 

5. Natural Stone planters can be used indoors and outdoors. 


6. The colours and tones of the natural stone compliment the majority of garden colour schemes. Rather than draw attention to the planter, the natural stone makes the plants themselves the centre of attention. 

7. Natural Stone and Slate planters come in hues of grey, copper and silver giving you a wonderful palette to work from for inspiration. 

8. You have the option of a honed finish to your natural stone planter, meaning the texture will be smooth, or you can opt for a raw, natural finish. Either is stunning and can compliment a variety of planting schemes. 

9. Natural Stone planters won't suffer frost damage. 

10. By following the recommended care and maintenance for your natural stone planter they will look stunning for years to come. 

If you'd like to see more Natural Stone Planters, browse our collection. 

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