Roma Galvanised Steel Planter

Galvanised Steel Planters

Made from premium grade steel and hot-dipped in molten zinc our collection of galvanised steel planters offer designs inspired by Georgian, Victorian and mid-century forms. Our collection of zinc galvanised steel containers will add an elegant touch of class to any garden space. These planters are finished with a distinct patina that will naturally develop over time, producing a patina that looks like lead. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they can also be used for a variety of purposes when not planted; the Du Bain Silver Planter in particular makes a very good fireside log bin!

Porto Galvanised Steel Planter

The patina offered by zinc galvanised steel planters flawlessly compliments organic tones making an ideal material for long-lasting garden planters. The patina that slowly evolves works seamlessly with garden spaces incorporating brick and stone. These galvanised zinc planters are not only exquisite in their construction, they also add instant classical elegance to any garden aesthetic.

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