Oiled Birch Garden Deckchair Botanical Collection


Grumbling about the weather aside, is there anything more iconically British summertime than the outdoor deckchair? Combine this classic piece of garden furniture with iconic designs from masters like William Morris and those created for the London transport system and you have something which is quintessentially British. Ideal for lounging in the garden, taking on picnics and getting comfortable at festivals. Whilst these deckchair designs were never intended for use in garden spaces, we think they look spectacular in them!

Oiled Birch Garden Deckchair London Transport Collection


Evoke fond memories of seaside vacations and holidays with a nostalgic staple of outdoor garden furniture - the deck chair. While some deckchairs still feature the iconic candy-stripe design, our collection of premium quality deckchairs offers a variety of iconic designs from British history. From William Morris deckchairs to designs from the London Underground and tourist advertising. Our deckchair collection also includes more contemporary botanical designs as well as the Robert Gilmore deckchair collection.

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