Outdoor Log Storage: Logs stacked and organised for easy access.


If you have a fire pit, pizza oven, or wood burner in the garden, there will also be a need for log storage. At Urban Grow, we believe a wood store should be as beautiful as whatever your burn your logs in. With elegant firewood storage ideas, your wood stores can be garden features in their own right. With that in mind, our outdoor log storage ranges from protective bags to wood log storage seats. No matter how big or small your outdoor log storage requirements are, you'll find all kinds of rustic and luxurious choices in our durable range. Our wood stores are not just practical, they're also stunning pieces that will enhance the beauty of your garden.

A Log Storage Option where logs can be stored conveniently and can be accessed with ease.


Our steel outdoor log storage range offers a practical and stylish solution for storing firewood indoors or outdoors, enabling you to create beautiful features in your home or garden. Crafted from superior materials like Corten Steel and steel, our log stores are designed to be long-lasting and offer a dependable storage solution. All our log stores have an open back design, allowing for air circulation to keep firewood dry and easily accessible. The maintenance-free materials ensure long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance needed.

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