A Water Butt from Urban Grow


Designed to catch rain water from your roofs, water butts are a great way to save water and become more sustainable in the garden, not to mention how incredibly useful they are during hosepipe bans. Made in England by artisan metal workers, our new range of water butts are plastic free and offer the sculptural artistic qualities of the Georgian period. Water butts are a great way to reduce your water bills and your impact on the environment.

An aesthetic water butt in an outdoor space


A water butt is essentially a large outdoor storage unit that collects rainwater. It offers numerous advantages as rainwater is beneficial for plants, helps save on water bills, and reduces water wastage and carbon footprint. Take advantage of England's weather by utilising this resource for free! We have different sizes and styles of water butts available for you to find the perfect fit for your outdoor space and needs.

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