What can you forage for in the UK?

What can you forage for in the UK?

Autumn is the key time to forage in the UK. It's at this time of year that forest floors, hedgerows and trees become bountiful with all that nature has to offer. 



A key staple for any foraging enthusiast. If you're new to foraging it's best to get clued up on what is human friendly. The Woodland Trust are a helpful resource for identifying what's okay to eat when it comes to picking wild mushrooms. Their '8 Most Poisonous Mushrooms in the UK' is a great article to read before heading out to forage for fungi. 

Autumn Fruit 

Strawberries and raspberries can still be found as we creep into autumn, look out for golden raspberries, they appear at this time of year and are usually slightly sweeter than the traditional pink variety. 

Fruit crumble and vanilla custard

Blackberries are of course out in force throughout September and October, perfect for cakes, pies and crumbles. Sloe berries and elderberries will be ripe for picking too, ideal for gin and cordial recipes. Apples and plums can also go on your foraging list, both of which can be added to sweet or savoury dishes, or even stocked in the store cupboard for comfort foods during those long winter evenings. 


The most commonly foraged nuts in the UK are sweet chestnuts and beechnuts. Chestnuts offer a lovely caramelised flavour to sweet and savoury dishes, add them to everything from stuffing to granola, they're versatile and tasty and full of healthy benefits too. Beechnuts aren't as popular when it comes to adding them to food partly due to their slightly tannin flavour, however mixed in a roasting tin with other tasty nuts and dried fruit they're great. 

Roasted sweet chestnuts

What do I need to take foraging?

As with any outdoor activity it's always sensible to take water and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. You might want to check the weather forecast before heading out too, nothing worse than getting caught in an unexpected autumn shower. 

In terms of equipment whilst bare hands are absolutely fine when it comes to picking fruit and nuts, you might want to think about taking the following items too:


  • Gloves - to protect your hands from prickles and thorns 

Opinel Mushroom Knife

  • Knife - to help cleanly cut mushrooms and open nuts
  • Trug - to carry home your foraged goods and avoid them being squashed
  • Jute bags - for storing produce at home ready to be added to your autumnal dishes 

All that's left is to get your shoes on, get outside and see what you can find - enjoy! 

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