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Does a Summerhouse add value to your home?

Yes, a Summerhouse will add value to your home. Studies have shown that house values can increase property value by 5% when there is a well constructed Summerhouse included with the property. 

Add value to your home with a Summerhouse 

A recent study by Country Living Magazine found that on average, house prices increased by £12,000 when a Summerhouse was part of the garden and used as a home office. By investing £1-2,000, homeowners can soon recoup their investment, especially as today's average house price is nearer £300,000. 

How will a Summerhouse add value to my home?

Summerhouse's don't have to be fully converted to a home office in order to add value. Many people would value having additional space in which to relax or see the Summerhouse as a place to practice music or conduct a hobby, keeping it separate from the main house. 

A secluded, purpose built space that can be adopted for exercise, working, socialising or just to escape to, will give your property the advantage over similar houses in your area. 

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A quick and easy way to add value to your house

Adding a Summerhouse is much quicker and easier than adding an extension or converting a loft and yet the space gained can be just as valuable. As long as you adhere to the simple planning guides when it comes to adding a Summerhouse to your property you will reap the benefits in no time at all. 

Here's a quick guide to planning permission for your Summerhouse:

  • 2m from your property's boundary edge 
  • 5m away from your house 
  • No more than 4m high 
  • Cannot encroach on or overhang roads or footpaths
  • 15 square metres is the maximum size

All of our Summerhouses include delivery and complimentary assembly, you don't need to worry about having to build anything. 

How else can my garden add value to my house?

We believe the garden should be an extension of the home. A place that reflects character and compliments the styling of the house it belongs to. Adding a Summerhouse to your garden will give the outside area a focal point. The Summerhouse can be painted and styled to mimic, compliment or even contrast the style of the house, as long as it's maintained and finished to a good standard it will add value to your home. 

Other key features of the garden to think about if you're considering putting your house up for sale are:

  • Your front door - is it clean and tidy and is the approach accessible and welcoming?
  • Hedges and garden borders - are they trimmed back and appear managed and under control? 
  • Light - are any of your trees or hedges blocking light from coming into your house? 

Adding planters and pots full of in-season blooms can quickly add colour to any space and popping heavy scented plants and herbs near your entrance is a great way to impress prospective buyers. 

We have a range of Summerhouses available for you to browse, all come with complimentary delivery and assembly. 

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