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Grow Your Own with Urban Grows Herb Growing Guide with VegTrug Planters

Grow Your Own Herbs. Urban Grow are here to give a little taster of what you can grow for your Kitchen Garden. You don't have to be an expert gardening and growing is all an experiment. 

Grow Your Own: Kitchen Garden 

Thyme – Oh what a Thyme to be alive. Grow Your Own Thyme. It can be grown in the VegTrug Herb Planter with plenty of drainage. Pop them in a sunny position and the rest is history, strong growth in summer and slows down in winter but can be an all year-round herb if looked after.

Tip - New potatoes freshly picked from the allotment cut in half, olive oil drizzled over and add a few sprigs of thyme and oven roast! Perfect hey?

Basil – The most amazing smell and grows perfect either on your windowsill or in your VegTrug Herb Planter. We would advise to ensure the basil is out of direct sunlight but with lots of light available. Keep it simple and buy a pot of Basil from the supermarket and re-pot in a larger pot or planter and ensure it has drainage holes to allow the plant to grow well.

Tip: Ever tried a few basil leaves in Gin? Give it a go! If you’re not a fan of gin then add it to your favourite pasta dish.

Coriander – As above keep it simple and buy from the supermarket and it will grow well in a sunny area, similar to Basil ensure it is out of direct sunlight. We prefer the smell of Basil however Coriander gives off a delightful fragrance. Put all those aromas in your VegTrug Herb Planter and it will be a delight.

Tip: Carrot and Coriander Soup is always a winner (especially if you Grow Your Own Carrotts).

Rosemary – A good strong Grow Your Own herb which thrives in a VegTrug Herb Planter . Rosemary loves a well-drained sunny location. Water often and look to re-pot in new compost every year to keep healthy.

Tip: Add a few sprigs of Rosemary to a bottle of water leave in the fridge over night and see what you think? Apparently you live longer! Rosemary can also be used in Gin as a botanical, chuck in a sprig of Rosemary and give it a whirl.

Strawberries An ideal fruit to grow in your VegTrug Classic Planter raised off the ground they are less likely to be damaged by slugs. The Root shoots can cut and re-potted to expand your crop for the following year- fantastic!!!

Tip – Eton Mess is always a summer favourite but the strawbs can also be used in a Gin & Tonic Sliced.

Mint - Grow Your Own but be aware! Mint loves to spread. Grow mint in its own self-contained pot or it will take over your other planters. Plenty of mint varieties available. Keep well-watered in sunlight. 

Tip: Use your very own Mint in a mint sauce recipe it tastes so much fresher. We would also recommend adding fresh mint to a jug of tap water and ice on a hot summers day!




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