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March Gardening Tasks | Onion Planting | Tomato Planting

March Gardening Tasks

March Gardening Tasks, it's the time of year when a few items have already gone into the ground such as Garlic or you have started sowing seeds indoors in your heated propagators which is a great to get your produce started. 

So what next?

Depending if you're in the North or South of the UK can determine planting times. We are based in the North so as much as would like to start our Beetroot in March we are leaving it a little longer maybe the beginning of April just to ensure the soil isn't to cold for a great yield. 

1. Onion Sets

We will begin with planting our onion sets that we purchase from a reputable online company. We have prepared our soil and ensured it is weed free. Onions sets are best planted between 5-10cm apart in rows leaving a distance between the rows of approx 25cm. Push the onions into the soil and ensure the tips are slightly showing and gently cover with soil. We like to cover out onions once planted to ensure no birds pinch them whilst they are trying to establish there growth.

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2. Tomato Seeds

Our next step is to start sowing Tomato seeds indoors, there really isn't anything  better than home grown tomatoes on your salad. 

We like to grow from seed. We grow these indoors using a heated propagator to get the best results. The heated propagator will ensure that temperature is maintained around the 18°C mark. Once the seeds start to grow and they have achieved two leaves you can then transplant into small pots approx 10cm this will then allow them room to grow further.

Grow Your Own | Home Grown | Tomato Plant

Once the tomato plant has developed further and the first flowers of the stem (truss) begin to open. Re-plant into grow bags or plant them in the ground approx 50cm apart. 

When the flowers of the first truss are beginning to open, transfer to 23cm (9in) pots, growing bags or plant 45-60cm (18-24in) apart outside.

Have fun planting and growing your own. 




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