National Allotment Week

National Allotment Week

It's National Allotment Week! The theme set by the National Allotment Society is 'Plotting For The Future'. 

A sustainable future is what we all need to start thinking about, so why not start now? Whether you have an allotment, garden, small garden, balcony garden we can all start to grow our own food to take a step in the right direction for a sustainable future. 

Gardening in general can be a daunting task so lets give you a quick guide to what we believe is the key essential tools you will need when starting to 'Grow Your Own'. 


Darlac Garden Trowel:

For general gardening and potting. Ecofriendly bamboo handle & stainless steel head. The stainless steel head is hand welded and treated, to assume the appearance of “old steel” and still retain the rust resistant qualities of traditional looking stainless.

Garden Secateurs: 

Garden Bypass Secateurs - RHS Endorseds by Burgon & Ball. This high quality everyday secateur features a fully hardened and tempered, high-carbon steel blade for lasting sharpness. For comfort, the robust but lightweight alloy handles are covered in a soft grip, in a bright terracotta colour for maximum visibility in the garden.

Darlac Weeding Fork

For weeding in cultivated soil and general garden use. Eco friendly bamboo handle & stainless steel head. This beautifully finished Weeding Fork goes through many processes to create a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, it encompasses great strength and durability too.

Gardening Gloves:

Garden Gloves by Burgon & Ball Ultra-soft feel ladies' gardening glove (also available for Men), in hard-wearing fabric that doesn't stiffen after drying. 2-way stretch mesh between fingers regulates hand temperature & improves dexterity. Wrist strap provides snug fit and stops debris dropping into glove. Padded palm gives extra cushioning. Decorative genuine leather trim.


Growing your own food is extremely rewarding if you're new to gardening don't be scared it's all a learning experience. 

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Happy Growing  


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