5 Reasons to buy a garden deckchair

5 Reasons to buy a garden deckchair

Once you see our range of quintessentially British designed deckchairs, you'll easily understand why you need to buy a deckchair for your garden this summer. 

1. They look fabulous!

Our deckchairs sit in five ranges all of which have been inspired and created thanks to iconic British themes. 

William Morris Deckchairs

The legendary William Morris, of the British Art and Craft Movement is responsible for many of the popular and familiar fabric designs you will see in homes and interiors worldwide. Our deckchairs bring his timeless designs out into the garden, where their colours and patterns blend beautifully with English summer flora and fauna. 

Deckchairs for the garden designed by William Morris

London Transport Collection Deckchairs

This fun deckchair collection has been created to celebrate notable London Transport spots. From Twickenham Rugby Ground to London Zoo, the variety of designs of these London inspired deckchairs will leave you with a hard decision as to which ones to pick. 

Kew Gardens Deckchairs

One of our favourite collections, being garden inspired, these deckchairs feature vibrant and stylish motifs from Kew Gardens. Guaranteed never to look dated, a deckchair from this range would make a perfect gift for any gardener. 

Kew Gardens Deckchairs

To see more of our range visit the full collection of summer deckchairs.

2. No assembly required 

Unlike with most modern designed garden furniture, our deckchairs will not require a single screw or Alum Key. Folded flat our deckchairs arrive with you ready to spring open and take immediate residency in your garden. All you need to do is boil the kettle or pour the wine, grab your book and relax... you'll be sat in the sunshine before you know it. 

3. Versatile form of seating  

Take your deckchair wherever you need to enjoy a comfortable seat in the outdoors this summer. Foldable and compact our deckchairs can be taken to the allotment, a festival, the park... or just moved around the garden to follow the sunshine. Perfect for picnics, especially if you're teaming your outing with delicious snacks you've kept cool in one of our cool bags

Wooden Deckchair

4. Adjustable wooden deckchair position 

All of our deckchairs are made so that the seating position can be adjusted. The wooden frame allows for three angles at which to recline, you just have to choose which one suits you best. 

Adjustable Wooden Deckchair

5. Easy to store deckchairs

Our deckchairs fold away flat so easy to store in your garden shed or garage, to be honest they're that lovely you could bring them indoors and use them during winter in the house. Made from canvas polyester sail cloth, the material is hard wearing and the oiled birch frame is prepped ready to stand the colder months of winter storage. 

Browse the full range of garden deckchairs and if you have any enquires please contact sales@urbangrow.co.uk 

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