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You might be lucky enough to have a car and go to your local garden centre / nursery or on the other hand you have a bicycle and can't carry bags of compost or other mixes back to your house or apartment. 

There are many companies that offer delivery of compost which is perfect however sometimes if you decide on a Sunday morning whilst having a coffee you fancy a bit of gardening then your local garden centre / nursery or independent plant shops typically will have plenty of compost in stock.

If you have planned it, then delivery of bulk bags will save you money if you have a large garden area. If you have a small garden, allotment garden or balcony garden smaller compost bags are available especially if access is a little tricky. 

Choose the right mix for your needs:

Potting Mix:  Typically for pots or small planter boxes. Potting mix retains nutrients whilst also allowing for good air and water flow. It also holds moisture well. Excellent for a small kitchen garden

Garden Planter Mix: Urban Grow offer a number of larger planters, we would recommend a mixture of both soil and compost. 

Garden Soil: Perfect for adding to your garden planters or raised beds, don't forget to add compost or manure to give it key nutrients. 

Compost : Look for compost that is organic and typically contains manure and potash. Use the compost to add to your garden soil or top soil as it adds extra life to your average soil. If you plan it well you will only have to buy compost occasionally as you will be able to start composting in your own garden space. 

Mulch: Is excellent to retain and regulate soil moisture and even better it stops weeds growing at a fast rate! If you are wanting your garden to look a little more pleasing on the eye mulch is excellent to finish the garden appearance. Avoid using bark on edible garden areas as it can cause nitrogen deficiency. 

Manure: Probably best that this is bought in bags if you're living in an apartment or shared access as your neighbours might not appreciate a wheel barrow of fresh horse muck in the building! Excellent for existing soil and to bulk up your existing soil whilst providing plants with natural nutrients.

If you are still a little unsure as we were when we started out and so is everyone else in the gardening world either experiment or talk with a local garden centre or plant shop. We like to experiment and learn through the journey of growing your own.


All the best Urban Grow Team.


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