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April Gardening Tasks | Beetroot Planting | Courgette Planting

April Gardening Tasks

April is finally here, where the allotment or back garden really starts to show signs of growth the perfect time to start growing your own and plant your seeds as the weather is usually a little warmer. Fingers crossed no frosty nights. 

Our favourite vegetable to grow every year is Beetroot or Beets as we like to call them. They are very easy to grow and taste beautiful either as a chutney or roasted or if you really like crisps and what a healthier version Beetroot crisps are so easy to cook.

Grow Your Own Beetroot:

Sow directly 3 -4 seeds per areas outdoors from April onwards approx 10cm apart in rows and allow for approx 30cm width between the rows. Beetroot will grow well in most drained soils if you have some compost mix into the soil before planting for better results.

When you see signs of growth approx 3cm high thin out to leave one plant per area.

Don't over water. 

Harvest when the beetroots are approx a tennis ball size for the best juicy Beetroot on your kitchen table.

Grow Your Own Courgette:

Courgettes require a little more space to grow so if you have a small plot at the allotment or a small garden space a pot or planter would be best suited. If you are planting in the ground allow for one metre square around for the best results. 

In April start by planting indoors ideally with the use of a heated propagator. Sow your seeds individually and within 3-5 days you will see growth, once you have growth of approx 8cm in height transfer into individual pots and keep them in a warm environment indoors.

Before planting outdoors at the beginning of May you will need to harden off. Move your plants into a cold frame or something similar. If you do not have these put the plants outside during the day and bring them back in on an evening repeat this for approx 10 days then leave out for a full 24 hours for a week after. The plants will then be ready to plant.   


Enjoy the April sunshine. 

All the best and stay healthy. 

Urban Grow UK 

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