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February Garden Tips

February Gardening Tips

We are almost in touching distance of Spring which is an excellent time of the year lighter nights warmer days and more time to spend in the garden however lets get back to reality! Its still bitterly cold with snow on the ground at present. So what can we do in February with the weather like this?

Our top tip in February is to sow your garlic outdoors! Ideally once the snow has cleared. 

Planting Garlic

Garlic can be planted in early spring. We would recommend, mid February. Make sure you purchase from a garden centre or bulb supplier. Individual cloves should be sown so the tips are approx 2.5cm below the well drained soil surface. Space approx 15cm apart and in rows approx 30cm width apart.

Beetroot Growing!

Our favourite a remarkable flavour, beautiful in colour and you can do so many things with this beauty! Pickled? Beetroot Chutney? Beetroot Juice? The list goes on....  We usually leave sowing Beetroot until Mid March however we know we are all eager to do something in the current lockdown so you can sow under cloch in February if you wish to try planting it now, our advice is be a little patient especially if you are in Northern UK and hold off until March. 

If you are new to all of this don't worry we all have to start somewhere. Even if you only have a small place to grow give it a go as it's very rewarding!

Container Planting

Container planting is an ideal place to start either in your small yard or Balcony Garden we have some fabulous Garden Planters to get your growing. 

If you do happen to have a larger garden or allotment space for growing, we would recommend prior to planting cover your soil with a protective layer to start warming the soil which will support germination when sowing. 

Happy Growing!!! Keep Positive and Stay Healthy! 



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