Corten Water Bowl | Garden Water Bowl

Garden Water Bowl - A Simple Garden Water Feature

A Garden Water Bowl is a simple yet stunning water feature to add to your garden space. Water features such as a Garden Water Bowl can offer many benefits in your garden space; a place to relax and watch the light reflect off the waters surface or watch our little feathered friends use it as a drinking spot.

Corten Steel Water Bowls make for a stunning architectural garden design addition, with there sleek and timeless design yet strong and weatherproof features they are the perfect for any garden space. Garden designers tend to use garden water bowls to reflect light in shady areas offering an extra dimension in your garden. The warm and natural appearance of a Corten Steel Water Bowl will look stunning in the garden with the mirror image of the plants, trees or flowers on the water.

Garden Water Bowls arrive in a range of sizes suitable for small gardens, courtyard gardens or large garden spaces.

Take the time to sit and enjoy this simple yet effective garden addition as it will bring a peace of tranquillity and joy into your life. 

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