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Small Greenhouses for the Urban Garden

Space is becoming more and more limited especially in Urban areas. Urban Gardening is slowly but surely becoming more popular due to the fresh produce you can serve on a plate and also the health benefits associated with gardening and growing your own vegetables. 

There is something very satisfying watching plants thrive and then a beautiful flower or vegetable appears that puts a smile on our faces and we know from experience with family and friends they love that moment.

If you only have a small garden or balcony you now have no excuses to start growing your own food with the Urban Grow range of small greenhouses. The Juliana Greenhouses are built for the Urban Garden. We offer three of the Juliana Greenhouses which are perfectly suited to match your small garden space.

We offer the Juliana City Greenhouse has four sturdy wheels allow you to move the Juliana City Greenhouse to the sunny spot on your balcony and to take it with you if you move home. Perfect if you have a little more space in your small garden or larger balcony garden. 

The Juliana Vertical Greenhouse you will have room for your plants and at the same time still have a small working space for you gardening tools. The Juliana Vertical Greenhouse has space to grow your own vegetables next to where to tools are placed. Perfect if you want the option for both storage and growing your own.

Finally we have the Juliana Balcony Greenhouse is the perfect fit for your balcony garden, terrace, against the wall or in the city garden. No matter where you put it, you will be able to pursue the experience of growing your own herbs and spices and finding joy at the same time. This perfect sized small greenhouse can attach to your rails of the balcony or mount it on the wall with the supplied brackets.

 Danish manufacturing meets Urban Gardens. Beautifully designed and manufactured to a high standard with modern black metal with 4 mm toughened glass. Make your garden look stunning with a modern twist on the traditional greenhouse.

Enjoy your small garden space with these beautifully designed greenhouses.

Happy Growing.

Urban Grow Team.


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