The Basic Art of Growing Your Own:

The Basic Art of Growing Your Own:

Whether you have a small garden, balcony garden, courtyard garden, allotment garden or rooftop garden there is always space to grow your own produce.

The very reason we started Urban Grow to provide gardening tools and growing products to grow your own, cook and eat your own produce. 

So where to start?  Firstly understand where the sunlight is going to appear in your planting space, it's a good excuse to sit and relax with a coffee. You will get plenty of growth and produce where sunlight is available if possible approx six hours a day in the sun will provide you with the best results.

Don't have sunlight? Many plants will survive in less light but they may struggle in growth and may not be as productive. Give it a try gardening is all about experimenting.

When should you plant? Typically if you are planting from seed a use of a EarlyGrow propagator is always advisable to start the germination of the seed. If you are still unsure always refer to the seed packet label or ask an expert at your local nursery / garden centre.

Where to plant? It's known that green spaces create a more productive and calmer space especially as we live in such a fast paced world right now. Garden Planters can be a great option depending on space you could also look at wall hangers or plant stands for planting if you have a little more space how about a small green house.

Soil? Do you have a small garden space with soil or a balcony or courtyard that requires a planter or even a small shelf kitchen garden area? Any space that you look to plant, soil condition is key to good growth. This can be mind blowing when starting. So we started by using peat free compost to enrich our existing soil and also to fill our new planter. However if you are still unsure take a look at our blog about soil.

Good for soil? Composting is great for soil, so any vegetable peelings, ash from your log burner or bbq is all great and rich in nutrients to add to your compost. 

So that's the very basics sorted, your next step is to look at growing from seed or if that's daunting check out our kitchen garden blog for an easy way to start the growing process.

Grow Your Own and you will love the rewards both relaxing and enjoyable.

All the best Urban Grow team.



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