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How do you choose the right garden shed?


Welcome to our shed buying guide

Our guide will help you to confidently choose which shed is right for you and your garden. From traditional Apex Sheds, to Potting Sheds, Summerhouses and Workshops, there's a lot to choose from. 

Coniston Corner Shed

What size shed will I need?

The first thing to consider is how much room you have for your shed. It's easy to get carried away with ideas of what you'll grow in your potting shed or how nice it'll be to have somewhere to store the bikes but considering the size and shape of the space you have available is key. 

We recommend you grab your tape measure and accurately measure the floor space where you're thinking you'd like your shed to go. Be mindful that shed sizes can be rounded so check the detailed specifications of the model you're interested in to double check it will fit. 

Our advice is to go as big as possible, you always need more room than you think. 

Which way round do I need my shed?

This may sound like an obvious question but you'd be surprised by how many people order their shed, only to realise the windows face the wrong aspect or the door is on the wrong side making access tricky. 

When buying your shed consider where you ideally want the door and windows to be. Also think about what you'll be wanting to keep in your shed and how much room will be required to move things in and out. 

Dutch Barn Shed

What foundation or base does a shed need?

All sheds need strong, level, dry bases. The base needs to be level and substantial enough to bear the weight of your shed and what you plan to keep in it. If you're laying concrete or flags make sure everything is dry before your shed is delivered. The base mustn't allow water to sit and pool, ideally the base keeps your shed from sitting on damp ground to avoid damage and damp. 

We offer delivery and assembly of your shed as part of our service. There is no extra charge for delivery or for our team to come and assemble your shed. You don't need to worry about lining up panels and securing the roof, we'll come and do it all for you if you choose to purchase your shed with Urban Grow. 

Free delivery and shed assembly is all part of our friendly service, we want you to be able to enjoy using your new shed as quickly as possible. 

What is the best material for a shed?

Most sheds are made from either wood or plastic. Our sheds are made from high quality timber which is responsibly sourced and when well cared for can last season after season. From our experience as gardeners, we find plastic can become brittle with time and cracks soon start to appear. Wooden sheds allow easy maintenance which extends the life of your shed and wooden sheds can be customised to show off your gardening personality. Having a shed you can make your own is half the fun! 

Potting Shed

What will you use your shed for?

It's vital you consider what you will be using your shed for. This will impact on the size and type of shed you buy. If you're looking to grow plants from seeds then a potting shed is the shed for you. Storing your tools and equipment you'll need something safe and secure so a traditional Apex or Pent shed is probably the way to go. 

If you're looking relaxation a Summerhouse would be the perfect solution, whereas for craft and hobby enthusiasts a Workshop Shed is probably more appropriate. 

Talking of workshops, you also need to consider powering your shed if you're going to be working in it and lighting. Once we've been to deliver and assemble your shed employ a trusted electrician to fit lights and power, a quick job that you'll be grateful for come the winter months. 

Shed buying checklist

Once you've considered the questions above you should know:

  • The size of your shed
  • Where your shed will stand in your garden
  • The foundations for your shed 
  • What you need your shed for 
  • What material you want your shed to be made from 
  • Which of the Urban Grow sheds you're going to choose... and benefit from our complimentary home delivery and assembly service!

If you're still undecided or would like to consider a bespoke shed for your garden contact our knowledgeable team on 

Good luck and enjoy your new shed! 

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