Growing Potatoes | Chtting | January Garden Tips

January Garden Tips

January Growing Tips:

We will provide a quick tips guide each month to keep you on track of what we believe are worthwhile tips when planning to grow veg, herbs or fruit.

January Garden Tips:

Potatoes: Start to Chit known as Chtting which means to encourage shoots on potatoes ideally in good light however ensure it's not direct sunlight. We usually leave this until February as we are in the North of the UK however many start in January. Have a look at our Chitting Guide 

Garlic: Start to plant / sow your Garlic bulbs outdoors. Check out some tips on Sowing Garlic.

January Garden Tips:

If you are growing Rhubarb you can try to 'force' it to get an early crop by covering with a terracotta forcer or a bin. 

Pruning Blueberries and Pears is always wise at this time of the year. 

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