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June Gardening Tasks | Asparagus | Weeding

June Gardening Tasks

June Gardening tasks become a little bit hectic depending on the size of your garden, yard or allotment. So we have tried to narrow down the key gardening tasks that we focus on to ensure plenty of growth through the summer months. 

Task 1.

Firstly we stop picking our asparagus. As tempting as it can be to continue picking the last bits of the asparagus to soak in a pan of butter or grill on the BBQ, we leave them to grow into ferns. Why do we do this? This is to ensure we have a crop for next year. 

Task 2.

We have all had glorious weather over the last six weeks so key to continued growth and healthy plants is watering often, ideally first thing in the morning or on an evening. Ensure you water at the base of the plants to provide the best moisture rather than watering the leaves of flowers, the roots need to soak up the moisture. If you have a water butt ensure you cover it with a lid and the water isn't wasted.

Task 3.

Keep on weeding! Garden weeds are a nightmare and can take over if you don't keep on top of them. We like to say little an often, lets face it weeding can be tedious. The Darlac Weed Knife is a perfect tool to help you.




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