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Potting Shed vs Garden Shed

Potting Shed or Garden Shed which one to go for? 

There are many options to go for in the garden shed market, we have a range of sheds suitable for small gardens, allotments and large garden spaces to enable you to store your garden equipment in, BBQ, Bikes or any other equipment that you need to store away or even create your perfect growing space.

Our shed range is very simple to assemble allowing your to position the door and windows in any position on any side. 

Which one to choose?

The Potting Shed range comes with toughened glass and two tier shelving as standard allowing lots of light into your Potting Shed to enable you to grow your own produce on the two tier shelving unit. It is a perfect shed especially when you are looking to plant your own food from seed or if it's a miserable wet day (as it usually is in the UK) you can take cover and admire the outdoor garden or allotment through the toughened glass whilst it's raining, make it extra cosy and make brew! 

The Garden Shed is the typical shed most garden or allotment owners go for, available in a range of sizes, simple to assemble and allows lots of light in to ensure you can find your tools when you need them most! 

Make the most of your Potting Shed or Garden shed it doesn't have to be just a storage area. 




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