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Urban Gardening the new craze!

Urban Gardening, Alloment Gardening, Balcony Gardening or just Gardening is the place to be for environmentally-conscious millennials. The craze is becoming real more and more younger people growing their own food at home or at the allotment and in some areas of the country there a long waiting lists for allotments. 

Allotment gardening and urban gardening has increased as vast amounts of people want green spaces to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Is there still a stigma that gardening is for old people? Well not if we take Berlin as example, a BBC report states that there is approx a three to five year waiting list.

Urban Grow are a young team who grow down at the local council owned allotment, if there are waiting lists for allotments why not try growing your own at home? We have some top urban gardening tips for you to start.

Gardening Tips for your Urban Garden:

Feed the Birds - Let Nature in your garden or on your balcony, bird feeders or nest boxes are a great place to start. Don't forger to leave some water out as well we love seeing birds 

Garden Planter - Space is limited in Urban Gardens however there is always room, you just need to be creative. Growing plants or vegetables in planters is a great solution if you have plenty of space or if space is an issue our Fabric Plant Pot it is a healthier alternative for the environment! Year on year millions of plastic pots end up in landfills. The Urban Grow Plant Pot is made from flexible fabric, there's no worries about pots chipping or breaking, even better this planter can be delivered through your letter box. 

Windowsill Growing: Growing from seed is a very rewarding way of growing and with our range of propagators and heated windowsill propagators this is a fantastic way to start. Read our blog on the Basic Art of Growing for further tips.

We love gardening and it is cool no matter what age you are. The City Is Your Garden. 

Urban Grow Team.


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