What You Need To Know About Getting A Garden Shed

Is the Garden Shed and Potting Shed Treated?
- The sheds come with an advance exterior wood preservative. You can install your shed without worrying about the elements and allows you a year to select a preserver or paint in your choice of colour to cover the base preserver. We do recommend you retreat your garden building annually thereafter. You may paint over and change the colour sooner if you wish.
Can the door be placed on another side of the shed?
- The Garden sheds and Pottting Sheds are modular allowing you to build them in your own way. You can choose where you want the door and windows (if applicable) as you assemble it, allowing the shed to fit your garden. The side wall panels are in 4ft and 2ft modular sections and so you can choose the position of these panels as you build it. The components at the top of the gable are separate components which allows you the flexibility to do this. The shed comes complete with comprehensive instructions and fixings.

Do the windows open on the Garden Shed or Potting Shed?
The toughened glass windows are fixed as standard on both the Garden Shed and Potting Shed and delivered fitted. 

Do I need a shed base?
- All of the Garden Shed and Potting sheds need a firm and level base. This could be a concrete base, paving slab base, timber bearers, or any other suitable base solution which is firm and level. Alternatively you can purchase a shed base from our website to match the shed. 

What guarantee comes with the Shed?
Yes, there is a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer on the timber against timber rot, decay and insect infestation. Details can be provided on request. 

What You Need To Know About Garden Planters 

Do the Corten Steel garden planters come with a drainage hole? 
- Yes as standard the Corten Steel Garden planters come with a drainage hole.

Do the Corten Steel Planters come already rusted?

-Corten Steel planters are delivered un-rusted. The rust process starts after approximately 3 weeks.

Do you offer Free delivery?
- Yes all orders over £25.00 is Free delivery to the UK Mainland. 

Do you ship to the Isle of Man? - Yes we offer shipping to the Isle of Man if you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.