We love our planet and Urban Grow is committed to helping save it. We only work with suppliers who have a dedicated commitment to sustainability. All our wood products are sourced from FSC certified forests, and by July 2024 we will have reviewed any products with minor wood components to ensure the same. Many of our products are made in the United Kingdom, but we also work with suppliers from Europe. We might be a small business, but we’re still committed to tackling climate change; we are now seeking partnerships to offset our carbon footprint and protect biodiversity.

We believe in equal rights for all, that's why all our suppliers must provide proof of their corporate code of ethics and demonstrable evidence of workplace conditions. We recognise these are topical issues and that greenwashing is a problem, leaving consumers not knowing what - or who - to trust. For this reason, as soon as we have made all the changes we need to, we will seek third-party authentication. Sign up to the Urban Grow Club to stay updated with our progress.


We’re constantly looking to expand our range of recycled treasures, so if you’re an artisan working with recycled materials, please contact our Sales Team. Because we only sell the finest products, it’s not always noticeable when something has been made from recycled material, so we’ll always tell you when it is. Join us in being a champion for the circular economy! We also love to recycle our packing materials wherever we can as Urban Grow runs on minimal waste. Don't be alarmed if your goods arrive in a secondhand packing box, we will always ensure that reused boxes afford the contents plenty of protection.

Urban Grow Reuse of Cardboard Boxes for Shipping


We want to reduce the amount of waste destined for landfill, so we believe in buying once and buying well. We only sell products that have been expertly crafted and built to last, that’s why so many of our products have exceptionally long guarantees. Prolonged regular use however, can cause certain components to wear (much like our knees!), so you’ll find that many of our products are repairable with replacement parts. Be kinder on your wallet and the environment by repairing, not replacing.  

Felco secateurs repair maintenance