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Is now the time to Grow Your Own Food?

Without a doubt in recent weeks Coronavirus has left us all dashing in some cases to the supermarket or queuing at your local greengrocer for fruit and vegetables. 

We were a little shocked at the rush for food, stockpiling and not caring for other human beings needing essential food in such a crisis. 

So is it now time for everyone to take a step back and look at growing our own food? Even if it is just the basics of potatoes or tomato plants. 

Realistically it's simple but are people so reliant on supermarkets? There is so many benefits of growing your own food, not just to eat but there is a sense of purpose and it's also very relaxing and rewarding watching your own produce thrive. 

Obstacles we hear from friends and family. I don't have space, I don't have a garden. OK we hear that, how about growing your own on your windowsill starting from a seed with a heated propagator or even if you have a balcony grow tomatoes in a grow bag once you've used the heated to propagator to establish them.

How about growing with friends and share an allotment together, it them becomes a social activity which you can share your growing tips and have a good glass of wine or beer in the fresh air after a days work growing your own. 

There has never been a more crucial time to become more sustainable and self sufficient than now. 

Start growing your own today and we are sure you will become addicted. 

All the best 

Urban Grow UK.



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