Collection: Feuerhand

Even today, the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern of the Baby Special 276 series is manufactured in Germany almost identical in construction. Over 125 years of experience shows that we need products that stand the test of time. Due to the durability of the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern and its well-thought-out operating principle, it still corresponds to the current zeitgeist. Today, the Hurricane Lantern spreads its unique, bright light in the gardens and on the terraces and balconies of fans of timeless, reliable exterior lighting.

The German tradition, that started in 1893 with the production of lanterns for everyday use and as construction site lighting due to a lack of electricity, today offers you fashionable and timeless products for your private oasis. Feuerhand combines sustainable quality work with modern demands and, today, as in the past, leads people to a place of relaxation with fire, light and the pleasure of grilling.