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Dome Outdoor Oven

Dome Outdoor Oven

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A wood-fired oven is the centrepiece of your outdoor kitchen. It gives you the versatility to cook at higher temps than can be achieved on open grills, as well as longer and slower roasts and bakes. This wood-fired Dome Oven has several unique features, like its rotating platform to ensure even cooking, and is fuelled by logs rather than specialist pellets or kindling.

The wood-fired Dome Oven is made from high quality, robust British steel, built to withstand the elements. The domed steel roof reflects the heat for higher cooking temperatures, and the rotating cooking platform cooks your food more evenly without losing heat from opening the oven door.

Unlike most outdoor ovens, this Dome Oven is fuelled by logs rather than pellets or kindling. To light, simply pull the fire plate to the front of the oven and build up your fire as you would on a fire pit. Once burning nicely, load up with logs, push to the back of the oven and close the oven door. The outdoor Dome Oven heats up quickly, and its fuel bank gives you plenty of time to cook pizzas not just for the family but for a whole party.

But wood-fired outdoor ovens are not just for pizza. Roast veg, bake fish, slow cook stews and flame grill steaks. Infuse large joints with smoky flavours and throw in some jacket potatoes. Flame bake focaccia and flatbreads, even fill a ramekin with water and create crusty loaves. Use it to roast your side dishes and pop in your pudding. You can even use the cooling heat of your oven to make stock or slow cook fruit cheeses.

Air vents help you control the heat in the oven, reducing the air flow for slower longer bakes or open it up to reach temps of over 500°, easily monitored with an inbuilt thermometer. When all the hard work is done and the Dome Oven has cooled down, simply slide the fire plate out and clean out the ash.

The Dome Oven needs to sit on a robust base that can withstand high temperatures.

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Product Information

Main features

  • 3mm premium grade steel construction
  • Rotating cooking platform
  • Log fuelled
  • Achievable temperatures up to 500°
  • Large oven opening (H 190mm x W 360mm)
  • Air vents for temperature control
  • 55.5kg


H 930mm x W 700mm x D 700mm

Country of origin

Wales, United Kingdom

Order lead time

Delivered within 10 working days


Free national delivery within the UK mainland. Additional charges may apply for deliveries to Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

Care & maintenance

These grills, fire pits, lids and accessories are designed to start oxidising immediately, they do not retain their steely black finish. This is a design aesthetic, and will not affect their long term durability. All fire pits are handmade from sheet steel which has naturally occurring blemishes, there may be very slight variations in the forging and finish.  

  • Always oil your grill will cooking oil after cleaning.
  • To prevent the hinges on the oven door ceasing, keep them oiled regularly with 3 in 1 oil. If possible, remove the door and store indoors during the winter months.
  • A lid will protect the bowl and keeps the base of ash and burnt wood dry for use next time. It also works as a snuffer to safely extinguish the fire and a table top when not in use.
  • If you don’t have a lid, clean out your fire pit after use and make sure the raised disc in the bottom of the bowl is clear of ash etc to stop rainwater collecting.


Returns must be completed within 30 days from the delivery date. Orders cannot be cancelled prior to delivery. The client is responsible for the cost of returning any item, this is non-refundable. Bespoke made-to-order products are not eligible for return or exchange. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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